WIN A Delicious San Churro Voucher

Spending time with friends and family makes us happy! Throw chocolate in the mix too and you’ve got a recipe for true happiness. That’s why Spanish chocolate café San Churro is giving you the chance to share a chocolate fueled catch up with your amigo this winter.

WIN A Delicious San Churro Voucher

For your chance to WIN 1 of 20 chocolate vouchers (valued at $20 each), comment below in 25 words or less what makes you the happiest and you and your amigo could be sipping hot chocolates and sharing the good times at San Churro together.

This competition is open to Australian readers only and opens on Tuesday 3 June, 2014 and closes at 5pm WST Monday 30 June, 2014.

There’s never been a better excuse to get together and be happy!

Vicky Sofield

Vicky began her career writing fashion, lifestyle and music related articles for a diverse range of print and digital media outlets. Shortly thereafter – upon discovering that a vast majority of the fashion industry were being out-shadowed by the commercial conglomerates of the world – Vicky (who equally grew tired of having no creative freedom herself) set out to create her own digital publishing platform that focused on promoting the incredible talents of all creatives within the fashion industry. Which is how The Fashion Catalyst began in 2009.

  1. Nothing better than a beautiful morning with the girlfriends, coffee, chocolates, cake, a chinwag…and maybe some champagne!

  2. A child free night, relaxing and talking to my hubby (actually hearing what he’s saying) while treating ourselves to San Churro 🙂

  3. A coffee catch up with my best friend, every time we’re together it’s like an adventure!! So much to talk about, there’s never a dull moment!!

  4. catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for years, so great to find out what adventures they have been on.

  5. Stepping onto a plane for a long awaited holiday. Travel takes me to another place both physically and emotionally!

  6. Planning presents time capsule mode. I enjoy seeing people’s reactions when they see something that was planned without their knowledge.

  7. Being able to shout a friend a hot chocolate or coffee and catch up on news. San churros would make that an even happier occasion!

  8. Running off a volcano cake from san churro, after enjoying every last melt in your mouth piece. Who says you can’t indulge all the time

  9. Im happiest when surrounded by good company, enjoying great conversation and sharing delicious food and drinks!

  10. When others are happy around me and enjoying life, and indulging in your passions

  11. My husband and my little boy make me the happiest. Times with them both sharing laughs and time together are always the happiest times.

  12. A brisk walk in the early morning winter sun to a local cafe. Nothing like coffee to start the day.

  13. Laying in bed listening to the rain and knowing I don’t have to get up, Rare but fantastic.

  14. Entering competitions, and winning for my mum as i have set up an email for her, and i love to hear the joy in her voice when she receives something in the mail

  15. Enjoying the beautiful sunset near beach side with yummy hot chocolate in hands.

  16. Nothing like a good churros and hot coco, on rainy days in Perth with my amigo Fred , in Victoria Park!

  17. Spending time with my kids, love San churro kids love it as much as me. Love Hillaries we can go to beach after choc fix.

  18. When my husband steps off the plane after a long trip away with the army. Having him home always feels amazing.

  19. I am a chocoholic and even looking at mud cake or anything resembling it, makes me ecstatic.

  20. Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Hotel! Afternoon Tea is all about getting dressed up, sipping tea and indulging in a bit of gossip!

  21. Seeing the pride and beaming smiles from my children when they achieve something. Whether it’s kicking a goal in Auskick or something little like learning how to write a letter correctly 🙂

  22. spending quality time with my friends, enjoying each other’s company and getting the chance to fully converse and catch up over quality hot beverages

  23. Chocolate covered noses and broad grins on my two little angels faces when we take them out for a special treat!

  24. Getting up at 2am to watch the World Cup and seeing your team win making it all worthwhile – Score!

  25. An early morning surf at Bondi – a chance to ‘Rule the Waves’ and ‘Waive the Rules’… that’s happiness.

  26. Spending time with my hubby and what makes me more happier is when our teenager wants to tag along!

  27. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
    but chocolate for mum is yum in the tum

  28. Date night with the wife. Just because we’re married doesnt mean the fun never ends!!

  29. I’m happiest when surrounded by my kids and husband having a good time eating San Churros in town followed by a movie.

  30. My children’s laughs and smiling faces,
    Hugs, kisses and warm embraces,
    Sense of adventure, freedom and fun,
    I am one very happy and proud mum.

  31. my attitude of gratitude is what makes me happiest, being content with what i’ve been blessed with namely my sweetheart and our two sons!

  32. The unconditional love of my family, who I know will always be there when I need them.

  33. Lipstick that doesn’t smudge while drinking your San Churro hot chocolate 😉

  34. A night in with my best friend, plenty of chocolate and matching PJs… second only to the ultimate bliss of that first bite of warm melted chocolate and sweet churros!

  35. being there when my children experience new things! their reactions are always priceless!

  36. That moment my newborn baby snuggles in toteh soft spot against my neck, under my chin, and sigh! It’s a San Churro moment!

  37. Shopping and cocktails are both pretty fab,
    But it’s chocolate that transforms any day from being boring and drab!

  38. I love time out with friends – a catch up and to share a laugh and a little gossip. Chocolate helps!!!

  39. Holidays make me 100% happy……Watching my sons play in pool & enjoying a drink with my husband is pure bliss!

  40. The Gym, After a long day at work, the Gym sorts my head out! Plus it gives me a little wiggle room for delicious Churros!

  41. enjoying a chocolately churro break with my three wonderful children and my awesome husband

  42. I am happiest with a Churros Plate for One,
    As it’s simply to good to share,
    Add in an El Grande Spanish Hot Chocolate,
    As it makes the perfect pair!

  43. Time catching up after a long day,
    Melts the stresses away.
    With my amazing soul mate,
    Sweet treats that are great.

  44. Spending time with my grandson during the school holidays makes me happy, we see movies and eat all sorts of sweet treats

  45. With my fluffy kitten I’m really smitten.Hugs and cuddles with chocolate you got it.Choc with the lot and a San Churro.Your my hero

  46. Chocolate churros, ice-creams and cakes,
    Chocolate truffles, coffees and shakes,
    It’s the indulgent things in life like SAN CHURRO,
    That makes me one happy amigo!

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