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In May 2016 I was at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016 reporting from the front row for Vogue Italia.

Here is my article outlining specific ‘talents’ from the week:

After a full week of established designer collections showcasing on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016, fashion industry purveyors were ready to become immersed in and captivated by Australia’s emerging talent on the final few days.

From House of Cannon to Jessica Van and Kakopieros – these were the top three fashion designers, innovators and ones to watch from Australia’s recent fashion week.

Standing out amongst a total of twenty-six other up-and-coming designers, Kakopieros was amid the cream of the crop with the brand’s designer; Demetra Kakopieros’s core ethics being to leave her mark on the world of fashion with an unwavering desire to always be compassionate, honest and to exude truth to all – plus to uphold an unwavering integrity to all animals and the environment as well.

Demetra’s artistic, thirty-one-piece, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016 debut runway collection was influenced by her political thoughts and views as she states, “My work is very political, but all art is. My thoughts are inevitably tied to the aesthetic of politics. They are intrinsically connected to one another. And there would be no art without it; it fuels the very core of my work.”

Inspired also by the designs and work of Alexander McQueen, Demetra explores and transcends the modern world through her masterful creations with an artistic approach and ode to spirituality and current affairs of the world. Kakopieros takes on the conventional mysteries of science and philosophy with its use of technology and advanced design techniques whilst remaining true to a core level of kindness and admirable ethical principles.

Having taken her over six months to develop this collection, it features an incredible 1,700 3D thick foam printed spikes applied to the front chest, shoulder and knee areas of an incredibly show stopping piece – along with an array of other eye-catching garments constructed with fine silk satin fabrics, bonded silk velvets, sheer silk organzas and a silk satin that was bonded onto foam and fabrics throughout.

Demetra further said, “Creating the digital prints took up most of the design process. They were based on the current refugee crisis – with a clear focus on children. I like to absorb my surroundings and use it throughout my work.”

And this is undoubtedly reflected throughout this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016 collection…

Then there was Jessica Van who recently graduated as valedictorian of The Fashion Design Studio at Ultimo TAFE in Sydney. After initially setting her sights on a career in the world of science, Jessica admirably took a big risk and went in the opposite direction to pursue her career in the fashion industry instead. And thankfully, it has all paid off, as she has never looked back.

To read on, please head over to Vogue Italia here: http://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-talents/news/2016/06/09/talents-from-mercedes-benz-fashion-week-australia/

Vicky Sofield

Vicky began her career writing fashion, lifestyle and music related articles for a diverse range of print and digital media outlets. Shortly thereafter – upon discovering that a vast majority of the fashion industry were being out-shadowed by the commercial conglomerates of the world – Vicky (who equally grew tired of having no creative freedom herself) set out to create her own digital publishing platform that focused on promoting the incredible talents of all creatives within the fashion industry. Which is how The Fashion Catalyst began in 2009.

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