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There’s no shortage of fashion bloggers these days (or Perth fashion blogs). Unlike when I first created The Fashion Catalyst back in 2009 (which might I add was always a fashion media website and not a “blog” as such). 

So as a result to this influx, it’s difficult sometimes to sift through and find good quality niche fashion bloggers. Hence the need to compile a list of my top 10 Perth fashion blogs and bloggers.

You’ve likely heard of the term “blog” before. But sometimes it can be confusing to distinguish what exactly a blog really is…  So to remove all confusion, this is the meaning that attributes to the word blog:

1.  A website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.
2.  A single entry or post on such a website:  She regularly contributes a blog to the magazine’s website.

So now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s now refer to this particular article as a blog post. As all views throughout this blog post are my personal views and are not influenced by any media releases. Nor influenced by anyone from my list, or any other means.

Oh and let’s also shed some light on the fact that these are just my fave top 10 blogs. I also have many more Perth fashion blogs that I love reading but that didn’t make the list.

So without further adieu, here are my top 10 Perth fashion blogs (which are in no particular order or preference):

Perth City Style

Perth City Style is the City of Perth’s style blog. To which, admittedly, I regularly post fashion related articles on each week.

Why do I love this blog so much? Because it’s focused on all things fashion right here in Perth. Hence being my first listed Perth fashion blog.

perth fashion blogs bloggers

Perth City Style launched in July 2014. And was created to provide readers with posts on the latest Perth city store openings, unique city boutiques, new season trends, luxe for less, fashion events, beauty trends, and more.

Karen Cheng’s Fashion and Life

Next up on my list is the divine Karen Cheng’s blog called Karen Cheng’s Fashion and Life.  I have loved everything about Karen Cheng since first meeting her in 2009.

Throughout Karen’s blog she is the epitome of style and grace as she writes about women’s fashion, lifestyle and how she strives to live a balanced and fulfilling life. She also covers topics on family, parenting, beauty, food, photography and women’s online fashion shopping.

perth fashion blogs bloggers

To take a peak into Karen’s fashionable life, head to

Style Discovery

Aah, the lovely Songy Knox. Again, Songy is one of my top 10 bloggers because of her lovely persona. And for the sheer fact that Songy is a mainstay blogger who’s got a wealth of knowledge in the industry (that spans over a decade). To which shines through on her blog called Style Discovery.

I also love Songy’s blog because of her strong sense of self and point of difference. Which she’s not afraid to let you know about. She sure knows how to invigorate your senses in every way!

perth fashion blogs bloggers

Songy’s specialty is in photography. So if you love great images, then you’ll love perusing Style Discovery here:


Coined by two incredible Perth friends, Steph and Trish in 2010… Although Le.Fanciulle is no longer active, I feel this blog is still worth mentioning as there is a plethora of blog posts to look through for inspiration. All of which have incredible imagery!

perth fashion blogs bloggers

Don’t believe me? Then head on over and take a look through for yourselves here:

Where The Styled Things Are

Written by the lovely Adelle Cousins, Where The Styled Things Are was predominantly a fashion blog. But has now turned into a health and fitness blog that promotes general well-being.

Adelle is a self-confessed “every day girl on a journey who loves to share how things work for ME (and MAY work for you too).”

She is encouraging and up lifting! Plus she has the body to die for…

perth fashion blogs bloggers

As the description of this fantastic blog says on google: ‘Let the wild rumpus start; a Perth fashion and lifestyle blog with a difference.’

Little Miss Mon Bon

Curated by Monique Ceccato, Little Miss Mon Bon is dedicated to Perth fashion. And is also a travel and lifestyle blog.

In the words of Mon herself, “My life is all starting to fall into place and this space [Little Miss Mon Bon] is my outlet for all things that make me happy (and sometimes the things that make me a little sad too).”

perth fashion blogs bloggers

If you love a lady who has a strong sense of self and the style to match it, then Little Miss Mon Bon is another Perth fashion blogger for your favourites list!

Jonté Designs Blog

When I think of Perth fashion, I think of Perth fashion designer Jonté Pike of Jonté Designs. And now that she has her own fashion blog, I generally can’t wait to frequent her latest posts…and you should too!

perth fashion blogs bloggers

For all things Perth fashion, head on over to Jonté Designs Blog here:

Beige Renegade

I love a great personal style blogger and Jiawa Liu has mastered this art over on her personal style and fashion blog called Beige Renegade.

Her minimalist style and bubbly persona have captured my attention since the inception of her blog.

perth fashion blogs bloggers

As well as this beauty’s fabulous blog (found here:, you have to check out her social media posts!! She’s a social media star (find her amazing Instagram tiles here:!

Inspiring Wit

Based in Perth, founder of Inspiring Wit, Jenelle Witty shares her “considered take on fashion, travel and beauty with a touch of wit.”

Founded in 2014, Jenelle has worked across Australia in the fields of costume and set design for theatre. Along with event design for arts festivals, as well as interior design… And her fashion blog is a visual feast!

perth fashion blogs bloggers

To snare your view into Jenelle’s fabulously stylish life, head on over to her blog here:

Agent Mystery Case

From style challenges, to reviews (beauty, food, film and more) Agent Mystery Case is guaranteed to blog something marvelous for everyone.

Offering an array of fashion related blog posts, the Agent Mystery Case blog was established in 2014 by the lovely Raychael Case. And I can’t get enough of her posts.

perth fashion blogs bloggers

To share Raychael’s views (and more), head on over to Agent Mystery Case here:

So there you have it ladies and gents, the aforementioned are just some of my fave top 10 Perth fashion blogs.

I hope you enjoy reading about their fashion journey’s just as much as I have and continue to do.

The Fashion Catalyst





PS – If you think I’ve missed one of the many other fabulous Perth fashion blogs worth mentioning. Or you are the owner of a fabulous Perth fashion blog. Please feel free to comment below with your recommended fashion blog/urls.

Vicky Sofield

Vicky began her career writing fashion, lifestyle and music related articles for a diverse range of print and digital media outlets. Shortly thereafter – upon discovering that a vast majority of the fashion industry were being out-shadowed by the commercial conglomerates of the world – Vicky (who equally grew tired of having no creative freedom herself) set out to create her own digital publishing platform that focused on promoting the incredible talents of all creatives within the fashion industry. Which is how The Fashion Catalyst began in 2009.

  1. Thank you so much lady! I am so flattered that you thought of me! There are SO many bloggers out there these days, there are so many to keep up with!
    xx Jenelle

  2. Just love your style Vicki. Thanks for the mention. I’ve actually been around since 2012 but had a bit of a name change in 2014. I don’t get nearly enough time to cover fashion these days, having launched a blog agency but still try to support my favourite Perth designers every chance I get. Even if it is more behind the scenes.

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