Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Australian Tour

Hands up if you’re a Taylor Swift fan?! Two hands up if you love her reputation album – plus all of them before that too!! Yep, two hands up for me!! 

But just to explain how fast those two hands go up for me: my fondest Taylor Swift moment is when I pulled up to a set of traffic lights roughly 8 months ago. Sunroof off, listening to Tay Tay (as I typically do in the car). Totally in my element and minding my own business. Until a guy in a Mustang pulled up alongside me and started revving his engine.

I didn’t even look or give him any air time (hey, Shake It Off was on). But that was until he revved it up and roared off from the lights. And that’s about when the excitement of Shake It Off kicked in for me and I roared off past the “muscle-head” Mustang. Beating him at a competition that I had no intentions of entering.

Teehee, you should have seen his face at the next set of traffic lights. When I sat with the volume up (rather loudly blaring out the sunroof) and gave him a quick glance and a smile as I lipsinked, “I’ll never miss a beat, I’m lightning on my feet.. And that’s what they don’t seeeee, mmm mmm!!” Surprisingly he didn’t try to race me at the next set of lights (lol). 

I still have 1989 on repeat when I go jogging too…

So you can probably see that they’re both good indications of just how much I love my Taylor Swift songs!!

But if I need to explain even more, to put it simply – the energy that her songs invoke in me is second to none. Her lyrics, and the beat of every one of her tracks, speak volumes to me (no pun intended)!

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Australian Tour

So it’ll come as no surprise that when I was invited to her concert in Perth, I gladly accepted. Okay, full disclosure – I screamed. Very loudly. And I jumped up and down like I had won the lottery and admittedly I shed a tear. A very happy tear – probably because I was smiling so much. So, to say that I gladly accepted the invitation was a slight understatement. I accepted with MUCH anticipation.

I got the invite a few weeks prior to the concert. And to my surprise a VIP box with a personal message from Taylor on a tv screen inside of it – along with memorabilia and merchandise, arrived the week before the concert as well.

So I literally couldn’t wait to see Taylor Swift live in concert.

I hadn’t seen her live in concert yet. And in fact, I hadn’t even been to a concert in many years. So this was a pinnacle moment. 

And to add further excitement, Perth was going to be the first leg of her Australian/New Zealand tour. So that was even more exciting to know that we would be the first in Australia and NZ to set our eyes on her reputation Stadium Tour concert. Eeeep!

And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

In fact, it was everything AND more than I had expected. From the opening acts of Broods and Charli XCX – who were both incredible (OMG Charli XCX blew our minds!) To the incredible stage props (INCREDIBLE). And the unforgettable outfits!

Oh and literally the entire Taylor Swift stage crew. OMGorgeous, it was a dream come true!!

But I suppose you want some proof. Don’t you?!

Here are a couple of vids that I took on the night whilst we enjoyed the concert from the VIP ‘Club Olivia’ cabana.




For those that don’t know about the VIP Club Olivia room (or cabana as I will call it), there are two exclusive areas that Taylor sets aside for her family, friends, celebs and VIP guests. Club Olivia and Club Meredith. And I was lucky enough to be in Club Olivia. So lucky! Because not only did we get a fantastic view – unobstructed views in fact. But we could also dance freely as the cabana was so spacious.

And considering that they’re reserved for the likes of Taylor Swift’s mom, dad, boyfriend, and A-list celebrities such as Rebel Wilson (and so many more), I definitely felt VIP!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Taylor Nation!! 

So what were the highlights from the night?

1. The stage props were no doubt my number one highlight. The snake was my fave as it started on the big back screen before rearing its head and making its presence known throughout the remainder of the show.

2. The sky carriage that lit up and took Taylor from the main stage to a smaller stage right in front of us in Club Olivia. ZOMG it was so pretty!!


3. Hearing songs from her other albums as well as her reputation album. Oh the nostalgia!

4. Getting to hear and see THE Taylor Swift live in concert!!

5. Being invited as her VIP guest! VIP, baby!

6. Seeing the entire Optus Stadium lit up from the neo lit wrist watches.

And so, so much more! But if you still need more to convince you of just how great it was, then here are a few more short vids:



Say no more! And if you haven’t got your Taylor Swift tickets already, then what are you thinking?!

Seriously?? Just hurry up and head over and book them before it’s too late: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/Taylor-Swift-tickets/artist/1094215 

Here are her next tour dates and cities:

Friday, October 26: Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia
Friday, November 2: ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park, Australia
Tuesday, November 6: The Gabba in Brisbane, Australia
Friday, November 9: Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand

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And by all means, let us know your thoughts on the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour concert in the comments below! We want to know what you thought…

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