Five Reasons Why You Only Need Sickys Sunglasses On Vacation

Well, I managed to do it again – I packed eight different pairs of sunglasses for our last vacation and only used one pair…sound familiar?  Then this post is dedicated to both you and I. So read on for my top five reasons why you only need Sickys sunglasses on vacation.

Admittedly, I’m a sunglasses fanatic.  I have over fifty quality pairs and each year that we head off on vacay I have a habit of packing multiple pairs thinking that I need them all just in case.  I have a major fashion meltdown and don’t have a pair that suit my outfit on that given day – after all, a 17 hour (minimum) flight deserves a great pair of sunglasses to hide behind, right!

Our long distance vacays now consist of at least once year, and I usually pack my shades in my hand luggage (because let’s face it, my suitcase is usually brimming already), however; this year I had enough room for them all to go in my suitcase (minus the pair on my face).  So off we went on our 2016 Europe summer vacay/adventure with no less than eight pairs of sunglasses taking up otherwise valuable space (and weight) in my check-in luggage.  But what I realised – come time to include other things in my fast-filling suitcase, is that I was only using one pair of these eight sunglasses – my Sickys sunglasses!

sickys sunglasses

These beauties were working well with literally every one of my outfits and I actually didn’t need any of the other seven pairs… Sounds a bit bizarre even writing that sentence being that I have a sunglasses addiction, so if you don’t believe me, then let me tell you my top five reasons why you cannot fail with only one pair of sunnies on your next vacay.  Let’s start with my top picks and move down through the list:

Number One:  If you haven’t already heard of Sicky Eyewear then you need to come out from under that rock!  Because although they’re a relatively new upstart company based in Malibu, California – who, in just a few short years have gained great momentum globally, they’ve also had some pretty powerful celebrity endorsements so you have probably seen the likes of Justin Beiber and Gigi Hadid (just to name a few) rocking their shades on multiple occasions…  Which takes me right to the top reason why you need a pair of Sickys sunnies – because all the cool kids are wearing them!

sickys sunglasses justin bieber

Number Two:  These beauties are not only durable but they’re flexible, strong and they perdured my constant wear and tear…which is saying something huge!  I think I sat on them at least three times, dropped them plenty more times (thankfully not from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, or similar) and I even swam in them with no hesitation too.  And still, no damage was inflicted.

sickys sunglasses

Number Three:  They suited each and every outfit that I wore because of their chic and modern cat-eye shape which isn’t too over the top or dramatic – it’s just right!  And with a summary such as this one, I knew they were the perfect addition to my already extensive sunglasses collection the minute I bought them: ‘Staying true to the bold, oversized aesthetic of the cat-eye and mod-’60s silhouette, the S11 is the minimal yet luxurious, simple yet original echo of the S6.’

sickys sunglasses

Number Four:  They’re lightweight and yet they’re not flimsy…which meant that they’re the perfect balance of eyewear which is rare to find these days.  And they didn’t fall off my head at each and every turn.

sickys sunglasses

Number Five:  I didn’t feel the need to buy any new sunglasses this vacay let alone try any others on either…  That meant that I could focus my shopping energy on other accessories such as shoes, belts and plenty more.  WIN/WIN really!

sickys sunglasses

So there you have my five top reasons why you only need Sickys sunglasses on your next vacay!

If you’re a sunglasses fanatic just like me, and you feel the urge to check out this cool brand of eyewear, then head on over to their website (where you’ll land straight on my fave pair – as seen above) here:

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