Fashion Blog | Sex And The City Prequel: The Carrie Diaries.

Sex and the City‘s prequel: The Carrie Diaries, has finally got a new trailer…  Starring AnnaSophia Robb, the series is set to air in January 2013 and entails Carrie’s fashion savvy beginnings.

Sex And The City Prequel: The Carrie Diaries

And while rumour has it that it’s B!-yond amazing in the fashion stakes, there are a lot of SATC fans slightly skeptical – and rightfully so…with superstar stylist, Patricia Field now out of the prequel teen scenes…F.E.A.R L.E.S.S, Stylistas!!! As Eric Daman (yes, Gossip Girl‘s set stylist) is fluttering about like the style butterfly that he is: waving his wonderfully fashionable magic wand behind the scenes!  So without further ado:

Eeep!!! We can’t wait to see more…

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