5 Reasons To Visit Salou In Spain

Recently I flew 18 hours to a small coastal town called Salou in Spain. And it was so fantastic that I just have to share the experience with you all.

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

First, you’re probably asking why I would fly 18 hours for a holiday. Especially when Australia has so many coastal destinations that international guests are vying to travel to for a holiday. And not to mention the fact that more inexpensive options (such as Thailand and Indonesia) are so close by as well.

Well, truth be told, I ultimately chose Salou because my partner was heading there for work. So, I thought why not join him and see another part of the world.

And thankfully I did because it was such a beautiful holiday destination. With loads to do as well. From Llevant beach, the scenery and who can beat their exquisite food!

So without further delay, here are 5 reasons why I recommend choosing Salou in Spain for your next holiday destination:

1. The beach and weather is fantastic.

Which means you get to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible. We were there in October and it was still pretty great weather (even though we did get some rain on a couple of occasions).

The beach – which is called Llevant Beach – is incredibly calm with it also being in close proximity to hotels and apartments. Which makes a day at the beach that much easier because you can just stroll across the road.

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

Here’s a magnificent sunrise captured from our bedroom balcony:

sunset over Llevant beach

And if you just want to relax at your hotel or apartment, then most of them have rooftops that overlook this magnificent beach. So I say, sit back and relax with this magnificent beach as your backdrop!

vicky sofield relaxing in spain

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

2There’s so much to do!

Theme parks in Salou Spain

And if you love a good theme park then Salou has a few to choose from. From Ferrari Land and PortAventura World, to PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park and Aquopolis Costa Dorada.

Salou is adventure theme park heaven – where the kids (and adults) will have days of fun and excitement.

Not only is there multiple theme parks, there are loads of other things to do and explore in this resort destination also. From exploring beaches and theme parks to the marble paved promenade, Avenida Jaume I and the incredible fountains around town too.

Or you can simply revert back to point no.1 and choose to relax!

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

And/or you can head on in to Barcelona for a day trip.

Barcelona views

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

3. The scenery is lovely!

Your breath will be taken away at every turn. Everywhere you look is magnificent to the eye.

5 Reasons To Visit Salou Spain

As a self confessed selfie lover, it’s the perfect location for those selfie postcard worthy pics too!

vicky sofield in spain

travel review by vicky sofield

4. The food and people are incredible!

OMGosh, the food! Everywhere we ate was exceptional. And the service matched it too.

Not to mention that the local grocery store also provided some delicious food as well. So if you wanted to eat in, then you could do so really cheaply.

Llevant Beach views

Which makes point no.5 even more impressionable.

5. It’s inexpensive!

I’ve left this one until last because I think it’s the hardest to believe in all five reasons to visit Salou. But I’m here to say that EVERYTHING is incredibly cheap. Which is just what you want! 

So if you’re thinking about a new holiday destination then you should definitely put Salou at the top of that list.

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