Healthy Eating At Raine Square Perth

When it comes to good nutrition you can trust Raine Square to have all of your healthy eating needs covered.

That is if you’re after a healthy eating regime… One that you can follow during the week as well as on the weekends.  And one that is easily accessible to maintain on your lunch breaks within the Perth CBD too.

Well, as I said, Raine Square is where it’s at as they offer everyone’s favourite juice bar: Boost Juice…  And let’s face it, Boost Juice have an extensive range of healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies, juices and boosters.  All of which are a must have for anyone wanting to kick start their a healthy liver.

raine square

Plus they currently have THE juiciest combo I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying; the Red Raw!! If you like your drinks sweet but not overly sweet, then the Red Raw is your calling…

raine square

You’ll also be happy to know that nestled within the Raine Square shopping precinct is a Health Kick Vitamin Centre.  I personally rely on my vitamins, so I know how important this little gem of a shop can be…

They stock around 3000 products and don’t just stop at vitamins.  They also offer invaluable professional advice and information every step of the way.

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Oh and the Health Kick Vitamin Centre stock Emma & Tom’s bars… These raw and preservative free little beauties are essential if you’re on a Paleo diet. They literally have the best low carb and fat content when it comes to quick snack paleo bars. Plus they’re the best priced bars of this kind (trust me, I’m addicted to these little snack bars and I’ve tried several.  And these are the best value for taste if you’re eating 1 or more a day).

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All healthy “snacks” aside now though! If you need to curb that sugar craving and you’re after something that’s essentially healthy and is homemade using all natural ingredients. Which for me is a must as I move further away from processed foods. Then Pajeco is your next stop!

raine square

Pajeco offers a delectable range of Gelato such as blue-cheese gelato, coconut gelato and chestnut gelato (yes my mouth is watering too!). Along with an enviable array of ice creams suited to each season.  Hint: Pajeco’s Ice Cream Maestro has won the National Australian Dairy Product Award twice so it’s seriously a MUST try. Oh and their frozen yoghurts are made from 100% natural yoghurt.  Yum!

And then add to the mix that Raine Square also has a Coles Central supermarket.  And it’s the only one within the Perth CBD so if you’re after all the benefits that only Coles can provide, then be sure to head on over!

raine square

Coles Central offers a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, sushi, healthy drinks, nuts, healthy snacks and a great range of organic produce too.  And they’re open weekdays from 8am through until 9pm. Saturday 8am through until 5pm.  And Sunday 11am through until 5pm.

raine square

So there you have it. If you’re looking for healthy eating, then Raine Square is the place to go.

It’s conveniently located in the Perth CBD and offers a park and go Parkwise underground parking too.  So now you can enjoy your healthy living.

Vicky Sofield

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