Last week The Fashion Catalyst was fortunate enough to visit Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. We captured all of the excitement on our Instagram feed.. But if you weren’t able to follow us via that channel, then here’s a recap of our beautiful journey.


Flying into Learmonth Airport with Virgin Australia, the landscapes were beyond mesmerising! Crystal clear blue and green water bordered bright blue skies as the gorgeous orange/red outback terrain glistened.

The weather was nothing short of pristine when we arrived (we didn’t expect anything less to be honest!) So we decided Turquoise Bay at Ningaloo Reef would be our first stop.

We got to feed the fish (head to our Instagram feed here to our video), swim and also relax at this breathtaking remote beach.


Enjoying the sun in my equally as breathtaking Bikini Atoll Swimwear one-piece.



Before capturing more sights at the spectacular Cape Range National Park


Soaking in the majestic views of both the ocean and the gorges, this was the best finish to our week of relaxation and rugged terrain!! But to be completely honest, our words, nor images on Instagram, would justify what our eyes and hearts captured.

The Ningaloo Reef of Western Australia is truly an adventure you have to experience!

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