MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012

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Each year one of the most exciting events lands on my fashion calendar: Myer Fashions on the Field.  Not only is it a National event that literally stops Stylistas from all corners of each State, but being a VIP guest also means that each year I must look (and feel) a million dollars…and with a string of fashion do’s and DON’T’s (the most important being that one must always act and look like a lady track-side) I couldn’t think of anyone else that could divot up the dirt on what to wear this season than two time winner and marvelous Milliner, Elicia Anders.

myer spring racing wear fashion tips for 2012

I have admired Elicia’s impeccable style and eye for detail for many years now – both track-side and literally everywhere I’ve spotted her.  Whether it’s black tie or even at the mall, she’s always fashion forward and lady-like to a T – and most importantly; she’s always noticed the very instant she enters the room.  So let’s see what Elicia picks for this season’s racing fashion/attire:


Not only are pastels perfect this season, they’re one of the best track-side hues. Hours of frolicking in the sun, champagne in hands, can attract some unwanted heat so opt for a hue that best suits your skin tone then accessorise with pops of colour, lady-like gloves and matching shoes and clutch.

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012

The attention should always be on the headwear – remember, you must always wear headwear track-side.

Crimson, Pearls and all things Twirl

Crimson is one of the most feminine and fashion forward hues this season – so don’t be afraid to go bright this year.  Teamed with pleats and pearls it’s a lovely way to say, “I’m bold but I’m always a lady”!

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012

Keep it nice and simple with polka dots and free flowing pleats then neutral footwear…notice how the eye is always drawn to the amazing headwear (made by Elicia herself).

Black and White

In the words of the world’s most stylish: Coco Chanel, “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all — white too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012

Black and white must always be worn at Derby Day however, opt for a print this season as opposed to colour blocking (which can become predictable and so last season). Team it with patent and keep your headwear minimal: focusing on your jewels.

Digital Print and Neonesque Jewellery and Headwear

Digital Print: a racewear staple this season! Team it back with neutral accessories then draw attention with neon jewellery and headwear that demands drama.

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012


No matter the year, floral will always be found track-side in Spring as it’s feminine and fresh…but remember, it doesn’t have to be so serious, let your hair down and have some fun by injecting blue hues and metalics…then let the headwear speak for itself!

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012


Play it safe this season with coral – team it with feathers in your headwear and ever-so-lady-like gloves. And voila, you’ll have yourself a striking yet safe racewear ensemble.

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012

Oh and don’t forget to pay attention to your accessories with the above look as this will make it so much more refined.

Pretty in Pink

One of my all time favourite looks – here you should team pretty pinks with crisp whites (and/or creams) to create an effortlessly chic cabaret of track-side drama.  Pearls, rosettes, bows and lace all tie in well with this delectably detailed yet refined look.

MYER Spring Racing Wear Fashion Tips For 2012

So there you have it, seven of Elicia Ander’s seasonal picks for this year’s Myer Fashions on the Field event.

Just remember to always have fun and the shorter the hemline: the shorter the heel (think kitten heels), always be a lady and sip, and ALWAYS remember to adorn yourself with headwear – feathers, rosettes and pearls are always fashion forward.

The Fashion Catalyst would like to say a special thank you to Elicia Anders of Two Crown Jewellery & Headwear Design – who was an absolute treasure to work with. And Perth Myer‘s, Andrea (also from And Andrea), who is their best kept secret and Personal Shopper and Stylist.

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