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I believe that the universe conspired when I was contacted by Nicole at Modern Day Hippie a couple of weeks ago.  Whereby she offered me an introductory ‘Girlboss Healing’.

Modern Day Hippie

I was fresh out of hospital at the time and admittedly, I wasn’t doing too well mentally, physically and emotionally.  You can read all about my recent health scare here.  The thing is, I had actually been thinking for a few days beforehand that I needed to have a healing to clear some negative energy. So I truly believe that Nicole’s timing was universally sent to and for me.  Or otherwise, it was indeed synchronicity at its finest.

Not only was I dealing with the pressure of my recent surgery and possibly having bone cancer when Nicole contacted me.  But I had been feeling overwhelmed and overworked for a long time before then too…

I don’t just run this website and its social media platforms.  I also have multiple business ventures that keep me on my toes at all times.  And although I try to switch off each and every day by beginning my morning with meditation and an intentional prayer.  It’s often the case that I feel far too much pressure and it spills over into all areas of my life.  Often self inflicted though.  As many of us women overload ourselves with pressure upon pressure to “do it all”.

Modern Day Hippie

Regardless of busy business ventures though, the negativity of my current health issues were surely creeping in and I actually couldn’t see much positive nor immediate resolve for how overwhelmed I was feeling.  So again, it was a relief that Nicole reached out to me as I rarely invest time in recharging myself holistically.

Modern Day Hippie

Modern Day Hippie

Now, fast forward to when I initially arrived at Modern Day Hippie…

I was greeted by the bright and beautiful Nicole who was just so delightful and easy to talk to.  We sat down with a lovely cup of herbal tea and she went through a few questions with me.  For instance, what were my intentions for the healing session.  And a few more specific questions such as how I’d rate the pain that I was experiencing post operation…

Then we went across to the table and we went into the healing.

Modern Day Hippie

Modern Day Hippie

And it was nothing short of amazing.

From the ambient and relaxing music to the invoking aromas of scented candles and timely use of essential oils.  I instantly felt all of my compounding stresses being lifted away and released.  It was re-energising me and I have felt so inspired, positive and motivated ever since.  In fact, I’ve not felt this clear in a long while, so I’ve booked in for my next session already.  YES!  I am officially hooked.

Modern Day Hippie

And to top it all off beautifully, this is not the only service that Nicole offers at Modern Day Hippie.

You can take a look for yourself on Nicole’s website here:

I personally cannot recommend Nicole and her healing services more.  So go book – you will thank me for it later, I promise!

Vicky Sofield

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