Luxe For Less: 6 Iconic Shoe Designs Under $45

For the love of fashion, we find nothing more satisfying when shopping online then stumbling upon a great luxe for less moment!

Especially when it comes to our fave design houses, and their iconic fashion wares… Which typically would see us saving for months (if not years) in some instances – just to get our mittens on their most coveted items.

And whilst nothing will ever compare to the real deal! Here at TFC HQ, we can’t help but confess (around a cuppa in the tearoom) to the items we’ve scored for less! (with a little help from our friends at some of our fave mainstream stores)

So what are some that are taking over our tea break conversations? Below are just six iconic flats/shoe designs that we think are worth snagging for less because the price is oh-so-right.

Luxe For Less: 6 Iconic Shoe Designs Worth Snagging Right Now

First up, we love our Valentino ‘Rockstud’ shoes. Which typically retail anywhere from $460, through to $1,750 AUD.

Which when we did a bit of digging, we came up with a pair (pictured above) that are equally as cute! And the best thing is that these Studded Decor Point Toe Flats are just $36.95 AUD.

Though we also found a pair of the more iconic T-Strap Studded Ballet Flats style for just $36.95 AUD

Luxe For Less: 6 Iconic Shoe Designs Worth Snagging Right Now

Also found here: in white and a white slingback.

Though, did someone say they love a pair of Gucci Princetown slippers? Ohh let’s face it – who can resist these signature style strummers that typically retail for $1,370. Right?!

Well now you don’t have to resist with the above pictured Contrast Faux Fur Mule Flats for just $40.95 AUD.

Perhaps you prefer a closed in, low-heel, loafer/pump style shoe instead? Maybe a pair of Miu Miu Patent Pumps? Which typically retail from $1,300 a pair…

Then why not try these lovely lady pumps:

Luxe For Less: 6 Iconic Shoe Designs Worth Snagging Right Now

They’re definitely worth considering seen as these Black Pearl Studded Patent Leather Low Heel Loafers retail for just a fraction of the price at a mere $43.95 AUD.

Although, if sneakers are your style… And you’ve been eyeing off a pair of Stella McCartney sneakers (namely these adidas by Stella McCartney White Ultraboost X Sneakers). That mind you, are already awesome value at just $329 AUD. Then why not try these beauties instead:

Luxe For Less: 6 Iconic Shoe Designs Worth Snagging Right Now

Ringing in at a cool $42.95 AUD, these Leopard Pattern Lace-Up Chunky Sneakers will keep you (and your bank balance) comfortable for many miles!

That said, we’ve actually saved our absolute faves for last!…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a [very unfashionable] rock, you’re most likely coveting the divine Hermès Oran Sandal just like us… which ultimately retail from $976 AUD. For a summer slip-on sandal – OUCH!!

However, we found a similar sandal called the Cutout Design Sliders (in black & white) also at Shein for just $6 USD. YESSSS, just $8.60 AUD!! 

Luxe For Less: 6 Iconic Shoe Designs Worth Snagging Right Now

(Hint: keep your eyes peeled for when they restock these beauties!)

Now who doesn’t love the look of these six luxe iconic shoes for less? 

If you’re anything like us (that are awaiting our budget to permit the cash flow for the more luxurious versions), then these options are a lovely shoe in.

Happy feet, happy days! Enjoy,

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