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Searching for a reputable Perth nail salon can be difficult. And no, that’s not a first world gripe… it’s just that I find it hard to find somewhere that ticks all of the right boxes. Hence writing this post for anyone else that might be experiencing this same issue.

So first, let me start by explaining that I’ve lived in Perth for over 20 years now. And I’ve been getting my nails manicured for almost that entire time. So I’ve tried quite a few nail salons in my time (some with great disaster, and others with great pleasure)!

And there’s one nail salon that I would highly recommend to anyone asking… Which is The Library Nail Salon in London Court (located in the Perth CBD).

Whether you’re visiting Perth for a holiday; you’ve lived here all your life; or you work in the CBD and want to get your nails done in your lunch break, I can highly recommend this Perth nail salon.

So I guess you’re wondering why I’ve picked this one nail salon? Here are 5 reasons why I love The Library Nail Salon:

1.  Whilst I’m not overly fussy, I do expect some basic requirements when it comes to a nail salon. With my number one priority being quality!

To me, there’s nothing worse than being rushed in and out with a chip (or similar) showing up a day or two later. Mainly because I’m generally time poor so if I have to go back to the nail salon because they didn’t do a good job the first time, then I’m a little unforgiving. But also, why shouldn’t we expect quality, right!?

2.  My next basic requirement is cleanliness. Usually you can tell as soon as you walk into a nail salon as to whether it’s tidy. I also take note of how their utensils are being cleaned  as well (if at all).

And another thing I look for when I’m having a pedicure is how the staff are handling different clients i.e. are they wearing gloves, washing their hands, the foot sinks etc in between clients?

3.  Thirdly, I don’t want to overpay for my nails. There are so many nail salons these days so I expect that prices should always be comparable with one another. Click here to view The Library Nail Salon’s priceless.

4.  Forth on my list: I want an enjoyable experience. For me, I ask myself if the staff are nice – and ultimately – deserving of my repeat business. So this is important to mention here that each and every technician at The Library Nail Salon has been perfect on all levels of their customer service. You can just tell that it’s a lovely place to work and the staff enjoy their job.

Side story: Recently I was in a rush so I went to the nail salon near my local grocery store and the lady was extremely rude. Not to mention that she was pushy too. I felt as though she thought I was dumb as she tried multiple ways of insulting me to push her up-selling skills onto me (or lack there of). Not only that, she also constantly asked me questions about my private life. And whilst I don’t mind small talk, it quickly became an invasion of my privacy and I couldn’t wait to exit – and never go back again! And whilst I won’t name the salon here, she really could have used a lesson in customer service.

5.  And last but no means least, I don’t take lightly to nail salons who only take cash. There was one salon in the city who only accepted cash. And I’m hoping that someone prompted them to reconsider that “POS hinderance”, because we all have a right to pay by whatever means we like – not just in cash.

So with all of that being said, I’ve tried a multitude of nail salons across Perth. However, The Library Nail Salon in London Court takes the prize for the best Perth CBD nail salon. Hands down!

If you’re anything like me, then you want it all when it comes to your regular manicure, pedicure and fashion nails. And there should be no reason why you can’t nail all of the above basic requirements, each and every time!

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Got another Perth nail salon recommendation that you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below!


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