Kate Ritchie Talks Body Confidence, What Feeds Her Soul And Her Fave Style Icons

Kate Ritchie admits that she has struggled with body confidence issues for most of her life. Which might seem surprising or somewhat hard to imagine that someone as accomplished [and gorgeous] as Kate, wouldn’t be confident in her own skin.

“It has made me aware that it is so very important to be kinder to ourselves and our bodies.”

But when you consider that she has grown up in the public eye since she was an 8 year old girl. In front of the camera and across most international tabloid magazines for decades. Then you might understand how that microscope can (and will) distort the minds of even the most accomplished females. Regardless of accolades.

Although, that didn’t stop this down-to-earth beauty from bearing it all in the latest Jockey campaign. (As seen here).

Kate Ritchie Talks Body Confidence

So, being someone that has personally struggled with body confidence issues all of my life. As well as knowing many other incredible women that have suffered in silence and faced similar issues. After seeing Kate’s incredible photoshoot, I was inspired to get an insight into her world in a bid to share what lies beneath the minds of other women that face these same body confidence issues. Because regardless of being in the public eye, it’s important that we take care of one another! And I firmly believe that now is the time to carry that legacy forward to the generations that, not only will follow in our footsteps, but to whom [in a celebrity idolised and social media dominated world] will look up to our generation and admire us for the strong and confident women that we all are.

“Don’t be worried about what anyone else thinks. If you love hats – WEAR HATS! If you still love your leather jacket from ’92 – WEAR IT! That kind of thing.”

So lets dive straight in:

Q. Have you ever struggled with body issues in the past? And if so, what advice would you give to your prior self? Or anyone else that struggles with body issues.

Kate: “Of course I have. Growing up and developing in front of the nation was a novelty, and a ‘have-to-deal-with-problems’ at the time situation. But I wouldn’t want to wish that invasion on anyone.

I think in school’s today kids are taught ‘my body’s nobody’s body but mine’. But for a while there, it felt as though mine was for everyone to judge and comment on. And that’s not fair for any young girl trying to find her body self love and confidence.

Q. What would you say that microscope and judgement has taught you most?

Kate: “It has made me aware that it is so very important to be kinder to ourselves and our bodies.”

And as a result I no longer (well.. most days!) look in the mirror and jump straight into the critical. Especially not with another set of ears listening and learning from my every move.

It’s a work in progress though. And let’s be honest, there are so many more important things going on in the world apart from which size jeans we can fit into.”

Q. In today’s often fast-paced environment, what do you love to do that ‘feeds your soul’? 

Kate: “First and foremost, gardening! My garden has given me so much joy and satisfaction over these last few years. It is where I have felt most at ease and present. And it has been incredible watching my five year old daughter discover the wonder in it too.”

Q. What would be a great theme song for your life?

Kate: “I’d like to think that my life can’t be categorised so simply. In fact. I know it can’t!

Though, some might say the Home and Away theme song… Which these days is a lullaby at bedtime in our house, and that feels so very nice.”

Kate Ritchie Talks Body Confidence

Q. What makes you feel most confident?

Kate: “Freshly washed hair, clear skin and love in my heart. It’s strange though because it has become increasingly obvious – the older that I get – how it’s the little things that have given me the biggest waves of quiet confidence. Small achievements that I am proud of. Such as cutting back my geraniums. Making a pie that uses up all the leftover apples. Or my daughter telling me she has had the BEST DAY EVER!”

Q. What’s your favourite tip for dressing confidently?

Kate: “Don’t be worried about what anyone else thinks. If you love hats – WEAR HATS! If you still love your leather jacket from ’92 – WEAR IT! That kind of thing.”

Q. Who are your top 3 style icons? 

Kate: “I absolutely love JLO because she oozes confidence and is always groomed within an inch of her life. This is not possible for us mere mortals though! And I am far more conservative – so my faves are most definitely Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and who could go past Margot Robbie of late!?”

And since Kate is the ambassador for Jockey, I threw in one last question for us all:

Q. How often should I replace my bras? And is it necessary to hand wash them?

Kate: “The life of a bra depends a lot on how you care for them and rotating them is important so it’s not just your favourite that is doing all the hard work day to day. Try not to wear the same bra two days in a row. This will give the fabric some time to recover.

As a guide, if an everyday bra is rotated with another, then 3-4 bras should actually last you up to two years! I certainly don’t hand wash all my bras (who has the time?) But a delicate wash in a lingerie wash bag will help enormously in the lifespan of your underwear. Knickers as well!”

Kate Ritchie Talks Body Confidence

And there you have it! Kate Ritchie shares her views on body confidence issues, what gives her the most confidence and her top three style icons. Plus what feeds her soul, and more.

Do you have any tips to share on what makes you feel most confident? If so, please feel free to share them in the comments below…

And by all means, if you know someone that would love to read this interview or benefit in some way, please forward it on. After all, sharing is caring!

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