Jeanswest Travel Essentials

It’s been a while since my summer vacay to Europe however, this post is duly dedicated to my chic and affordable Jeanswest travel essentials.

We all know the slogan ‘Jeanswest fits best’! And I’d have to agree that, yes, it sure does fit the best. Not only that though, the garments are ideal for travelling with because of the following five reasons:

  1. They’re lightweight.
  2. Each item is easy to mix and match or to simply wear on its own with some gorgeous accessories.
  3. The garments are made with good quality material.
  4. It’s affordable for travel-wear.
  5. Each garment is on-trend regardless of if you’re heading overseas or just hanging out in Australia.

After 72 hours of travel time, we eventually landed on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Where – much to my surprise – they literally have an iron ban in hotels. So essentially I had limited clothes that I could wear that were crease free while vacationing there.

But that didn’t stop me as I couldn’t wait to start exploring the main city of Alghero in my Shala Patched Chamray dress. The texture and material used in it is simply amazing!


It was also a cinch to just throw on with a pair of flats and a clutch too. Plus the adjustable sleeves were nice and versatile to match the changing weather too if I needed to roll them up.

I loved this dress so much that I wore it again in Paris too – I couldn’t resist! Needless to say, the Shala Patched Chamray dress is definitely a travel must-have.

That said, I couldn’t wait to slip into something a little more casual. Alas my new fave pair of jeans that came out of the suitcase wrinkle free.


I teamed these light washed hip huggers with this gorgeous Jeanswest winter floral blouse for an incredibly easy-to-go ensemble. Admittedly the blouse was a little wrinkled, but nothing that the steam from a hot shower didn’t iron out.


I wore the blouse again in London for cocktails because I loved it so much. This time I teamed it with a pair of Jeanswest dressy black belted shorts and my fave accessories. The reason why I love this top is because it’s so light weight and versatile…and so damn cute that I copped quite a few compliments too.

I also wore the below Flora Silk Printed dress a few times as well. Once in Paris and another time in London – both for night’s out on the town. But here I’m wearing it for my 10 year anniversary celebration at COMO The Treasury.


It was another winner in my Jeanswest travel essentials list because of its ability to remain wrinkle free…

And the added bonus is that you can wear it casual during the day or dressed up for a night out on the town.

All in all it was a fabulous holiday exploring Sardinia, Paris, London and Singapore in my Jeanswest ensembles. As they say, Jeanswest fits best!

Vicky Sofield

Vicky began her career writing fashion, lifestyle and music related articles for a diverse range of print and digital media outlets. Shortly thereafter – upon discovering that a vast majority of the fashion industry were being out-shadowed by the commercial conglomerates of the world – Vicky (who equally grew tired of having no creative freedom herself) set out to create her own digital publishing platform that focused on promoting the incredible talents of all creatives within the fashion industry. Which is how The Fashion Catalyst began in 2009.

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