How To Pack Your Lipault Lady Plume Weekend Bag

The Lipault lady changes bags and cases like dresses and shoes to suit her taste day to day. Joyful and daring, she mixes and matches colours and models to coordinate with her outfit. From handbags to travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, in less than 10 years Lipault has established itself as the colourful Paris luggage brand.

Packing for a short weekend away has never been quite so easy with the right bag; so let me show you how to pack your Lipault Lady Plume Weekend bag with six easy steps.

Step One: Ensure you have the perfect weekend bag and must-have travel accessory and companion – the Lipault Lady Plume Weekend bag.

Lipault Lady Plume Weekend Bag

This beauty comes in four vibrant colours to match your style: Chocolate, Violet, Duck Blue and/or Orange. And is made from a durable, silky nylon fabric which makes it not only lightweight, but luxuriously appealing to touch and feel too.

Step Two: Organise all of your shoes. Being flats, wedges and any stilettos.  By wrapping them in a protective plastic bag before packing them neatly and evenly on the bottom first.

Step Three: Plan your desired outfits and fold them nicely into two piles before placing them on top of your first layer of protected shoes.

Step Four: Organise your make-up and all body lotions, lip balms and hairbrushes or accessories into a small travel make-up case. Ensure that any liquid items are kept in a zip lock bag first.  And then place all items on top of the two piles of clothing.  Ensure that all items are firmly sealed away or placed in an upright position if required.

Step Five: Plan out all of your desired accessories.  Being sunglasses, jewellery, a hat and any small clutches that you might require for lunch, dinner or high-tea.  And then pack them away in any travel cases or protective carriers first before placing them with your make-up case/s on top of the other layers. For all hats that you wish to pack, you could place your small make-up case or any loose accessories inside of it to fill the centre to keep its shape before placing it face down on top of your clothing items.

Step Six: Place in any extra items like a book to read, your reading glasses, an iPad, your iPhone and a laptop with cables if you’re required to do some work… These items can be placed down the sides of your bag as the Lipault Lady Plume Weekend bag has plenty of room.

Then viola, away you go!

Lipault Lady Plume Weekend Bag

Packing for a weekend getaway has never been easier with the Lipault Lady Plume Weekend bag.  It’s the ideal size with loads of room for a short getaway and the ideal carry-on if you’re flying to your destination and don’t want to check-in your luggage.

Don’t you just love the look of this beautiful bag and need it in your life, pronto?

Well it’s your lucky day as we have one Lipault Lady Plume Weekend bag (valued at $99) to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To go in the draw to win, in the comments below, simply tell us which colour from the Lipault Lady Plume range best suits your style and why.  And you could snare it just in time for your next getaway.

*This competition is only open to residents of Australia. Prizes are non transferable . View all of the T&Cs here.  Entries are open until 5pm on July 2, 2015.


This is brought to you by Lipault.

The Lipault lady changes bags and cases like dresses and shoes to suit her taste day to day. Joyful and daring, she mixes and matches colours and models to coordinate with her outfit. From handbags to travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, in less than 10 years Lipault has established itself as the colourful Paris luggage brand.

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  1. I think Blue Duck, its a lovely colour and I don’t go away on Weekends very often….maybe this would change my luck!

  2. Realistically it’s black – dark, safe and reliable – goes with anything and never goes out of fashion (or at least I hope I don’t go out of fashion)! My heart however says Poppy Red – that boom of sassy and sexy that stands out in a crowd. It’s fiery, volatile – like all good hot blooded women! Carrying that would scream “look out” I’m on my way!

  3. Yellow! Bright, happy and fun! I try and stay away from dark colours to keep winter outings still bright and easier to face the cold mornings

  4. Simply, my choice is the violet because it is classic, feminine and it is a a colour that can add a pop to any white or black based outfit. Awaiting a gap year, this bag is perfect!

  5. Definitely, definitely the violet bag ! It’s so hard to find a nice purple like that. I have schoolies this year so this’ll be so so so good to take away with me especially since I’ve never stepped foot out of nsw and due to that I’ve not owed a luggage bag or even an over night bag.

  6. I am in love with the Orange Lady Plume Weekend Bag, it is such a warm but very bright colour that makes me smile, perfect for Winter as it reminds me of Summer. xx

  7. The dark blue is gorgeous, reminds me of the Summer sky and ocean! I love wearing blue, always has a calming effect 🙂

  8. Wow, i love the violet colour..its bright, & vivacious, just like a holiday should be! These bags certainly get you in the holiday spirit!

  9. I would be more than happy to have any of these beautiful colours in my collection, but if I had to choose I think the duck blue speaks to me the loudest.

    We are going to Italy next month and I couldn’t think of a more perfect bag to take to one of the most stylish places in the world. My wardrobe will be predominantly black, white and grey with splashes of colour, and as blue is one of the colours that makes my eyes pop this would add that extra ‘something’ to finish the outfits off with style. I am also sure it would be a great conversation starter!

  10. New Chocolate! Just had a look at the website and have fallen in love with the entire range! Now that my husband has finished uni after 10 years we’re planning on doing a lot of weekends away and hopefully some overseas trips! This would be perfect I’d totally get the carry on luggage bag to match. xx

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