From Long Hair To Lob With Maurice Meade

Well, I never thought I’d ever be writing this post let alone going from having my long hair to now sporting a lob hairstyle instead, with thanks Maurice Meade.

And who better to trust than leading West Australian hair salon, Maurice Meade, when, after many years (if not decades), I’ve been proclaiming that I will cut my hair but I’ve never had the courage to actually do so…

maurice meade

maurice meade

maurice meade

maurice meade

maurice meade

This time around though, I felt that it was time to get some more style into my look and therefore I felt that I could achieve this with a shorter hair length – not too short though and not too drastic from my original longer lengths. Oh and I was pretty much over the two hour turn around time that it would take me to wash my hair every day or two…during winter, this can become a real hindrance to just think about it.

So I decided on the Sunday evening that it was time to get the “lob” and I called Maurice Meade on the Monday morning stating, “Quick – please book me in before I change my mind!”

I was booked in on the Thursday but by the time Thursday came around, I was back to having doubts and up until walking through their Subiaco salon doors, I was going to back out of the lob and opt for the usual trim instead.

I was so nervous – yes I had been told numerous times, by those who just don’t understand having such long hair, that it would grow back (although as an adult, I already knew that hair grows back) and I was literally shaking – plus I could hardly talk properly when I first entered the doors as it’s a long hair thing that those who don’t have it, just don’t understand…

However, I was instantly greeted with a smile and a lovely warm welcome by Gemma at the reception desk… She took me through to my seat and put my mind at ease as we discussed the lob and how my stylist, Doireann, would put my mind at ease too.

By the time Doireann greeted me though, I was back to wanting the lob and thankfully she agreed with the decision too.  She put my mind at ease (so much so that I hugged her and couldn’t thank her enough at the end of my cut) by explaining how easy it would be to style and how it would suit my face shape – and before I knew it, there was no turning back…

maurice meade

maurice meade

maurice meade

And thankfully so!  I love my new lob:

maurice meade

Maurice Meade

maurice meade

Admittedly though, it took me a while to get used to it – I loved the cut but I missed my long hair – after all, I did have long hair for most of my life, I love it now though and I don’t regret my decision to cut it at all.

So if you’re thinking of cutting your long hair – I say, go and see the team at Maurice Meade first and get their trustworthy advice and opinion.

Styling Tip

I personally like my lob with a bit of a curl at the bottom and pulled forward on both sides which is easy to achieve with these seven easy steps too:

Step One:  Wash your hair as normal.
Step Two:  Apply Kérastase Densifique’s Serum Jeunesse to the roots and lengths of the hair.
Step Three:  Dry off hair with blow dryer.
Step Four:  Apply Kérastase Nectar Thermique to heat protect the hair.
Step Five:  Use curling iron to curl just an inch of the bottom of the hair.  Divide into sections and curl all hair.
Step Six:  Brush hair with wide tooth comb.
Step Seven:  Apply L’Oreal Wild Styler hair spray and/or Loreal Tecni.Art Air Fix spray to hold.

And Voila! From long hair to lob with Maurice Meade…

What do you think – do you like my new lob hair style?

Vicky Sofield

Vicky began her career writing fashion, lifestyle and music related articles for a diverse range of print and digital media outlets. Shortly thereafter – upon discovering that a vast majority of the fashion industry were being out-shadowed by the commercial conglomerates of the world – Vicky (who equally grew tired of having no creative freedom herself) set out to create her own digital publishing platform that focused on promoting the incredible talents of all creatives within the fashion industry. Which is how The Fashion Catalyst began in 2009.

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