Editors Festival Favourite: Lonely As A Cloud

As a blogger, the idea of getting your posts up immediately after a particular event is almost vital.  However, when you have event after event and a minimum of 100 photograph’s to edit for each event, posting immediately becomes a thing of the past.

Last night I was asked, by one of the lovely PR ladies at Perth Fashion Festival, which designer did I like the best so far.  I was actually a little lost for words…the talent oozing out of Western Australia is just too much to boil down to one particular favourite.

Although, that said, as a female, I do rely heavily on my instincts.  And when my heart skips a beat for a particular designer there is nothing that stands close to that feeling.  A heart skip is a heart skip and there is no denying that my heart skips a beat for Lonely as a cloud:

Lonely as a cloud
Lonely as a cloud

The confidence that comes from the collaboration of the two designers: Natalie Fardella and Chloe Jones is just irresistible.


Soft and sweet and ever chic with the ability to take it masculine but in a very feminine way.  Love, love, love what these designers have created!

Lonely as a cloud
Lonely as a cloud

Bisous, The Fashion Catalyst.

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