DIY Splashback For Under $50

Looking for an update in that old kitchen of yours?

Then why not add some minor cosmetic updates like new cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances and/or a D.I.Y splashback…

It really can be quite simple – without having to spend $15,000! Here’s an example of one of my simple yet chic DIY splashback ideas for under $50!

DIY Splashback For Under $50
It was so easy and literally took me around 2 hours to complete (this will depend on the splashback size though). And the best part about it all is that it only cost me $45.

Want to know how I did it? Read on below…

First step was to choose the tile design. And I went for a modern green/blue tile to blend in with the neutral palette that is already existing in this apartment kitchen.

And personally, I like this green/blue colour of an evening when the oven lights are on and I’m spending time in the kitchen.

So the next step is to clean the surface of the wall with a damp soapy sponge and wait for it to dry. Before measuring up and penciling where you would like the tiles to go on your wall.

Then place some rags below the surface for any spillage (there will be quite a lot if this is your first time wall tiling). And then start by prepping the surface of the wall with a wall tile adhesive (we used a dark adhesive as we wanted to make the tiles a little darker than what they were. However, you may like to opt for a light adhesive – there are choices so bare that in mind.)

Now place each tile over the adhesive and apply pressure for around 5-10 minutes until they’re set in place. Make sure that the tile doesn’t slip down the wall and out of place too.

Interior inspiration diy splashback

Repeat this until the entire area is completed as such:

interior inspiration diy splashback

Then you will need to wait 48 hours before applying grout between the tiles. And for extra measure, we applied a second round of grout. So in that case you will want to wait a further 48 hours before applying that final coat of grout. Afterwards, wipe the area clean with a damp cloth once it’s applied.

And viola, a D.I.Y splashback for under $50. And an instantly updated kitchen.

interior inspiration diy splashback

If you’re looking to update your old kitchen, there’s literally so many small cost effective D.I.Y renovations that you can do. All of which that don’t require the work of a handy man or professional tradesman.

And best of all, while this small cost effective cosmetic change may look understated to some… If you’re aiming for a bit of equity, then this is perfect (along with some other small cosmetic renovations). And will see you well on your way to achieving the growth that you require.

If you have any questions at all on how to master this or other cosmetic renovations, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Or send me an email at

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