Did you just scoff at that title and huff under your breath, “defy wrinkles naturally with Face Yoga…HAH”? I’m sure you did, naturally… And I don’t blame you; we live in a world where laziness is honoured with quick fix solutions like Botox, anti-wrinkle creams that get endorsed by our favourite photoshopped celebrities and promises that rarely deliver nor last. For me personally though, I was eager to find out what Face Yoga was all about because prevention is better than cure, right?

Put simply, Face Yoga is exercise for the face muscles but without the weights.  It’s designed to tighten, tone and combat aging by softening existing wrinkles and preventing future ones.  So how does one practice this new age art? It’s real easy, check out the videos below.  BUT, be prepared to LOL a lot oh and also, get your crazy eyes ready:

Tone and lift cheeks:

Minimise eye wrinkles:

Reduce forehead wrinkles:

Create full lips:

So what did you think? Pretty crazy hey!  I’m already addicted though as it makes sense to me and why not try it out, have a chuckle at myself and reap the benefits of looking younger the natural and pain free way.

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