Collective Of Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week Shows

Last night the Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week runway officially closed.  And what an amazing week it has been!  For my avid (and adorable) followers it must have been a little bit of a let down not to see my usual immediate posts right after each individual parade however, it has been a whirlwind of a week in these shoes.

A lot of you don’t know that I also take care of their social media (along with 3 other Brands, 2 of which are associated with the Week), so I’ve been keeping up with that, directing and coordinating my own staff on separate projects, ensuring I attend almost all of the Week’s events looking a little refreshed, helping with time consuming tidbits here and there and the list really does go on…  And to that, I apologise that I couldn’t be as speedy with my posts.

That said, I thought I’d give you a snippet of the Week’s events while you wait for the more detailed posts.  Oh, and another apology as I simply wasn’t warranted the rights to each image so this in itself is a huge disappointment for me as I like to display every garment that walks the runway, not just for fashion followers but for retailers and the industry – *sighs* I couldn’t do that this time.

Favourite International Designers:

Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week Francesca Di Maria
Francesca Di Maria.


Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week Addy van den Krommenacker
Addy van den Krommenacker.


Melinda Looi.


savoir faire perth fashion week thang de hoo
Thang De Hoo.


Ali Charisma.


Hendrik Vermeulen.


savoir faire perth fashion week furne one
Furne One.


The caliber of international designers really was second to none.  The little taste we have received this week has left me with such a passion for fashion and wanting so so much more!

Favourite Perth Designers:

Betty Tran.


With Grace.


Ruth Tarvydas.




Garth Cook.


Bandi Bandi.


One Fell Swoop.


My favourite element of the Perth Fashion Week runway – the hair.

The hair was extraordinary!  I’m not sure if on-lookers noticed the intricate detail that was put into most models? It more-than-mesmerised me on many occasions – so well done to the hair team.

Biggest lesson of the Week; to always keep smiling.  I had a relative go in for surgery the evening of the opening VIP party so this was really a big learning curve for me to put that aside and just to keep smiling.  I think it is easy to get bogged down in our own personal issues or struggles but to get up knock after knock and dust yourself off and top it off with a smile – this is what life is about!

So much gratitude goes to so many individuals who worked tirelessly this past week behind the scenes.  To the individual designers – congratulations on the best collections I’ve ever had the pleasure of sighting.  To Sylvia Giacci, who not only took on the challenge of such an event, but also put her name and heart and soul into each and every element – you are an inspiration!  I must also say a quick thank you to Bianc jewellery who gave me sparkle when I had nothing to offer in the looks department.  And Maurice Meade who styled my hair and gave me a pick-me-up with makeup second to none – along with Savoir Faire Cosmetics who literally are the best makeup brand in the world today.

A lot more posts to come but as I have said, I wasn’t granted access to all the images so I’m finding it very difficult to relate back over the week to my favourite aspects of each and every collection.  I will of course do my best to accommodate each and every designer as best I can though.

Bisous, The Fashion Catalyst.

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