Brekkie On The Go At Raine Square

In a bid to help kick start our week days in the right way, Raine Square, in the Perth CBD, has launched their ‘Brekkie on the Go’ menu.  And so, naturally, I had to head on in to see what all the fuss was/is about (naturally, as I also happen to love a good brekkie!)

Raine Square Brekkie On The Go

And my first stop was Croissant Express where I picked up one of their ham and cheese croissants for my partner to kick start his day (he is one of those cranky morning people and I knew that for just $5.20 he could benefit from a delectable, mouth watering Croissant Express breakfast – know someone similar? This will hit their “I’m not a morning person” spot!)

Also on the Croissant Express menu is a variety of freshly made sweet pastries, baguettes and premium filled bagels… Oh and not to forget their take away coffee too!

Raine Square Brekkie On The Go

Though if you are a coffee connoisseur by heart (ahh, that’s definitely me!) and you haven’t already tried the most memorable coffee in Perth at Biscotti, then you HAVE to try it pronto.  And I’m not just saying that for the fun of it either – so if you still don’t believe me, go and try it for yourself and let me know.  I promise you that it’s one of Perth’s best freshly brewed coffees by far!

Raine Square Brekkie On The Go

Raine Square Brekkie On The Go

However, if that’s not convincing enough and you want to get down to the business side of things, then Biscotti is a great spot to hold your next CBD business meeting… Or even just a quick catch up with a friend or two as the sun-drenched floor to ceiling front windows, comfortable seating and great (happy) staff provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Raine Square Brekkie On The Go

Furthermore, and whilst we’re talking about business – if you want to get down to the cool side of business and take a few selfies before and whilst you enjoy a great meal, then Willie Wagtail can help you raise your #foodie (á la #foodart) and #selfie game.

This super cute cafe is located down Daisy Lane Alfresco and has a wide range of breakfast options (along with an incredible lunch menu too) to kick start your day; such as their freshly baked bacon and egg tarts, muesli (plus muesli bars), house made sweet and/or savory muffins and this super healthy fruit salad (which didn’t last long at all by the way – see the aftermath here).

Raine Square Brekkie On The Go

So if you’re in need of some breakfast to kick start your day during the week, Raine Square has all of your needs (and more) with their new ‘Brekkie on the Go’ menu which can be found here:

Bon Appétit!

Be sure to show us your selfies by tagging Raine Square and The Fashion Catalyst with hashtags #RaineSquare #BrekkieontheGO too.

This post was sponsored by Raine Square.

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  1. Should try others on the list next time. The uniqueness of each business in Raine Square makes it worth a visit. #gamecitycafe

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