BRB, I’m Off To Get Beautified At Raine Square In The Perth CBD

If you’re anything like me, I’m flat out busy 90% of the ‘working’ week (and I use that term loosely because my working week usually spans the full 7 days, although 3-5 days of that is generally based in the city).  So, you can most likely imagine how great I feel that Raine Square, which is located in the Perth CBD, has an abundance of beauty retailers all centrally located in the one destination… For me (and I know for many others now), it literally means that within my lunch break, or after I leave the office of an evening, I can say, “BRB, I’m off to get beautified” – and I can do so with such ease and little interruption to my work schedule. Let me explain more…

Not to toot my own horn (because for years I’ve associated being busy with being successful – I know, it’s a personal mindset that quite frankly I have come to dislike a lot), however; I have an ever growing to-do list, plus my friends and family are constantly vying for a little of my time each week too, and well, as I crave more of a work-life balance and honour a much needed lifestyle change, I secretly long for any excuse to have genuine “me” time.

So that being said, I set out to find an all in one inner city destination that I could escape to and relax for some much needed “me” time – one that I could essentially incorporate my beauty maintenance and treatments into my working day. And I was pleasantly surprised (and equally excited) when I discovered what Raine Square has to offer right in the heart of the Perth CBD. Here are three of my favourite reasons why you’ll find me there each week now:

BRB, I'm Off To Get Beautified At Raine Square In The Perth CBD

They have one of my favourite inner city nail salons called Diamond Nails. I am an avid believer in having regular manicures and pedicures and Diamond Nails offers a great range of nail services for a great price (starting from $15). Plus they’re open every day of the week with late night hours on Friday… If you want one of the best nail art manicures in Perth, then Diamond Nails will nail it! You can find them here.

Zubias Threading are soon becoming a face favourite of mine – I love their lash and brow combo! Plus they always have great deals like these on offer – eyebrow and upper lip threading for just $31 (available on Thursday 5th of March); eyebrow threading plus a tint combo and upper lip wax for just $65 (available on Monday 9th of March) and a full face of threading for just $64 (available on Saturday 21st of March).

BRB, I'm Off To Get Beautified At Raine Square In The Perth CBD

And last but definitely not least, Raine Square has a Coles!!

BRB, I'm Off To Get Beautified At Raine Square In The Perth CBD

Okay I have a confession, I am a loyal grocery shopper and Coles is my addiction of choice… And being that Coles Central at Raine Square is the only Coles in the Perth CBD, I love that I can get my nails done or have my eyelashes tinted and my eyebrows waxed then I can zip into Coles for some groceries too.

PS – I also discovered that this particular Coles has a great selection of lipsticks, balms and glosses (over 20 of my favourites to be precise) – their lip-service is one of the Perth CBD’s best kept secrets!

So there you have it… My personal secret to getting beautified and feeling beautiful in the Perth CBD at Raine Square. All within the one destination and with the conveniently located Parkwise underground parking if you require it.

Beauty Treatments At Raine Square, Perth

Vicky Sofield

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