Showpo is a Sydney-based, Australian online fashion retailer. Founded by Jane Lu in 2010. After quitting her cosy job in finance (because she was bored AF), Jane started Show Pony in her parent’s garage. Primarily aimed at young women, the company’s vision is “to be her go to place to shop”. Shop online fashion dresses. To include formal dresses and semi formal dresses. And that perfect dress for wedding. And even the occasion dress you’ve been searching for. Whatever dress you’re after, you’ll find the perfect Showpo dress right here on The Fashion Catalyst! We’ve got a massive range covering everything from hot dresses, to casual playsuits. Maxi skirts, to ripped jeans. Plus stylish workwear, babin’ new bikini styles. And on-point accessories and so much more! Like activewear, festival outfits and clothes online cheap with Showpo! Discover shoes, accessories, bridal gowns and beauty products too. Shop online with Showpo… Because department stores don’t like it when you shop braless, in sweats, drinking a glass of wine. And when your Showpo order arrives, it’s like a present from you… to you!